A show about what it's really like to freelance in Canada.

On this weekly podcast, Mohammed Asaduallah, Benji's CEO, interviews Canadian freelancers and industry experts as they get candid about the ever challenging, always exciting, and sometimes hilarious aspects of freelancing.

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Eman Zabi on the Freelance Canada podcast
Launching self-liquidating offers with Eman Zabi

Eman explains how Canadian freelancers can launch self-liquidating offers to generate more leads for their business.

Stefan Palios on the Freelance Canada podcast
Building your client pipeline with Stefan Palios

Stefan shares how Canadian freelancers can build a pipeline of clients that enables them to start working full time on their business.

Annie Chu on the Freelance Canada podcast
Developing negotiation skills with Annie Chu

Annie discusses the anxiety that can surface during negotiations and shares tactical tips on how Canadian freelancers can develop better negotiation skills.