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Offer discounts for our paid plans without spending a dime. Partner with Benji to help your members lower their tax bills.

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Cha-ching! You just found $273.05 in tax write-offs.Partner with Benji to help your community members lower their tax bills.

Help your community feel confident about their finances.

Benji makes it ridiculously easy to find tax write-offs enabling your community members to save thousands on taxes.

Content creator on their phone receives a message from Benji about a tax write-off it found.

No limits on bank accounts to scan for tax write-offs.

Your members can securely connect all of their bank accounts they want Benji to scan for tax write-offs.

Members can get help from a dedicated bookkeeper.

Each of your community members gets access to an experienced professional at no extra cost.

Content creator on their phone sends a message to their personal bookkeeper with a question about their creator business.
Content creator on their phone receives a message from Benji about their year-end tax report being ready.

Stress-free tax seasons for your community members.

Your members can confidently file taxes themselves (or with an accountant) with Benji’s year-end tax report.

Launch your program in a day.

We keep it simple so you can have a partner program up and running within 24 hours from our first call.

Benji helps sole proprietors in the U.S. and Canada find tax write-offs.

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Benji helps sole proprietors in the U.S. and Canada find tax write-offs.

See how much your community members can save on Benji’s paid plans.

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See how much your community can save on Benji’s paid plans.

Tell your community members about the new perk just in time for the tax season.

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Tell your community about the new perk just in time for the tax season.

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Each eligible person who uses your unique discount link will receive a one-time discount on the final price (excluding government fees and taxes) of their first purchase of a paid plan (“Offer”). Limit of one Offer per Benji user. Offer may be combined with other offers, but discount will not exceed total amount paid. Discount will automatically be applied at checkout before taxes. Benji may cancel or modify this offer at any time.

Helpful answers to some questions you might have.

If you made it this far down the page, we're guessing you like what we're building but have some questions. How can we help?

Can I file my self-employment taxes with Benji?

No. You will need to send your year-end tax report to your accountant or use a free tax software such as Cash App Taxes in the U.S. and Wealthsimple Tax in Canada to file your self-employment taxes.

Can’t I do this with my accounting software?

No. Unlike an accounting software, Benji automagically identifies transactions that could be tax write-offs and regularly checks in with you to keep your “books” up-to-date. Plus, when you have a question, you can easily message your personal bookkeeper.

In comparison, most accounting software—which are typically glorified invoicing software—expect you to manually do your bookkeeping or tell you to hire one of their professionals for an additional fee.

How often can I message my dedicated bookkeeper?

As often as you need. Seriously! You can contact your dedicated bookkeeper as often as you need to make sure you feel confident about running your business. We want to make it easier for you to build an enduring business.

How many bank accounts and credit cards can I connect?

As many as you need. We don’t charge extra for additional bank account and credit card connections. We want you to find every possible tax write-off across all of your accounts.

Can I import transactions from last year?

Yes, most of the time. Depending on your bank or credit card provider, you can usually import transactions from (up to) the last 18 months.

Will I be charged if I connect my bank accounts or credit cards?

No. We only ask for your payment info if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan. Otherwise, you can continue to use our Free plan.

Is my Benji subscription a tax write-off?

Yep! You can write off the entire cost of your Benji subscription. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal?

Can I use Benji if I’m not a creator?

Yes. Benji can be used by creative professionals and freelancers operating as sole proprietors in the U.S. and Canada.

What does Benji mean?

We love music and are hip-hop nerds, so it won’t be a surprise that our company name was inspired by “It’s All About The Benjamins.” Puffy, hold me down, baby!

Uhm, I still have questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

Absolutely! You can reach us at with your questions.