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Benji finds tax write-offs for Canadian freelancers. On average, our users find $9,387.53 in tax savings per year.

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Made for Canadian freelancers

Airbnb hosts
Chefs and waitstaffs
Copywriters and journalists
Construction contractors
Delivery drivers
Event organizers
Graphic and web designers
Independent actors
Online sellers
Photographers and filmmakers
Real estate agents
Rideshare drivers
Social media influencers
UX designers
Virtual assistants
Web developers

Freelance life is better with Benji

Costs less than your bookkeeper

On average, online bookkeeping services start at $134 per month.

More insights than your spreadsheet

72% of freelancers don't know which of their expenses are tax deductible.

Less painful than doing it yourself

Freelancers spend 20 hours on average preparing to file their taxes.

Simple and fair pricing

Save thousands of dollars over the course of your freelance journey by finding hundreds of potential tax write-offs.

Plus, you can write-off Benji’s subscription as a business expense. Pretty sweet, eh?
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Get your money back if you don't find $500 or more in tax write-off in your first year.
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Free 90-day trial. No credit card required.

Frequently asked questions

Doesn’t my accounting software already do this?

Accounting softwares are made for accountants, not humans. Benji is a tax software that takes the guesswork out of determining if and which CRA expense categories your purchases fall under. We use human-friendly categories such as software and apps, gear and equipment rental, home internet, etc.

Can I write-off Benji as an expense?

Yes! You can totally write-off your subscription to Benji as a business expense. And, if you collect HST, you can also write-off the HST, too.

Can Benji find tax write-offs for prior months?

Yep! If you join mid-year and want to go back and find tax write offs from earlier in the year, you definitely can. In fact, you can generally go back up to 18 months which can certainly come in handy if you haven't filed your taxes for the previous year.

Can I submit my taxes to the CRA through Benji?

Not yet. While we would love to integrate Benji with the CRA, right now we’re focusing on what we do best: finding tax-write offs. In the meantime, we've partnered with trusted Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) who can help you file your taxes at a fair price. If you choose to file your taxes yourself, we recommend giving our friends at SimpleTax a try.

Can I add multiple bank accounts and credit cards?

Yes! You can connect as many bank accounts and credit cards as you like. We support all major Canadian banks as well as most credit unions (e.g. Vancity), province-based financial institutions (e.g. ATB Financial), and credit cards (e.g. American Express).

Is Benji available across Canada?

Yes! Well, mostly. Although we're currently based in Toronto, Benji can be used by freelancers from across Canada with the exception of Quebec, unfortunately. Désolé mes amis!

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Free 90-day trial. No credit card required.

"Seriously, it's a frickin' game-changer! It's less intimidating and so clean and easy-to-use. You have to try it our for yourself."

Christine Lieu
Sole Proprietor at CL Designs